Getting their oars in!

Getting their oars in!

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  • The Dragons Roar at Dublin Docklands Festival!

    The Plurabelles are very proud to train at the Grand Canal Dock….It’s definitely one of Dublin’s hidden gems! So, it was an honour to paddle at the Dublin Dockland’s Festival on 20th May (view photos). Thanks to Chris for excellent helming (despite a myriad of obstacles) and to Tara who spoke so well to the assembled crowd about Plurabelle Paddlers and the growing sport of Dragon Boat racing.

    As Tara said, if you’ve had Breast Cancer and fancy giving Dragon Boat racing a go, we’d love to hear from you. For those who have not had a breast cancer diagnosis and want to try out the sport, the Dublin Vikings also train at the Grand Canal Dock. Please check out Dublin Vikings on

  • Helping out at Docklands Volunteer Day

    Ever ready to muck in, a hardy bunch of Plurabelles were on hand to help out at the Docklands Volunteer Day on 5th May.

    The annual volunteer day was organised by the Docklands Business Forum as a means of sprucing up the dock and the surrounding area.  It’s absolutely amazing what you can find with the help of a picker and a grappling hook…. spare tyres, railings, old bikes, and lots of plastic! (view photos)

  • Regatta…in the rain!

    Congratulations to the team from Plurabelle Paddlers who – despite the inclement weather – finished the recent Athy Regatta in a very impressive 4th place overall. (View a video of the Plurabelles in action at the Athy regatta here – with thanks to Mairead)

    Although the Plurabelles emerged as the top breast cancer club at the regatta, there is no time for celebrations; attention is now focused on the forthcoming Barrow Regatta in Carlow on the 11th June. Let’s just hope for better weather! (details of race results and forthcoming regattas can be found on the IDBA website)

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